Saturday, 6 February 2016

PREPARE! How Big of a Red Flag Do You Need?

We are losing yet another generation. This is the third one. A nation that loses three generations will soon cease to be.

Friday, 8 January 2016


PARENTS, are you SURE your children are really getting a proper education? One that prepares them for life in a fallen, chaotic world? Are they getting an education that will fortify them for the trials of life? Or are they getting a dose of social medicine - the clubs, the dances, the drama, the sports and games, the exposure to life on the dark side, the once in a lifetime proms and banquets, the lunchroom, the infamous field trips and bus trips to support the gods of football, the senior trips? Is this your estimation of what it takes to survive in a crashing economy, a haven of joblessness and a dumbed down college experience? The word SURE is a big word! Are you sure? Or are you just doing what a sick society has told you is best to prepare your child to get along in the world? I'll bet that you determine the success of your students on the grades they bring home on their report card! That speaks volumes right? NO, it doesn't. Good grades can be bought for a box of Kleenex or doing errands for the teacher! Today's public and, many times, religious and catholic schools are merely institutions of brainwashing and training in modernism and indifferentism. But that being said, it is NOT the responsibility of the schools or the churches to educate your children - IT'S YOURS! Are you ready to get off your duff and make sure your children are actually being educated? That they are not being continuously fed a steady diet of confusing math and Marxist history? Well, it takes work. Raising children is work and trying to get other people to do your work for you is never a good idea. It only leads to heartache and broken children. So if you are bound to put your children in the hands of people you don't even know, then be willing to walk with them through their studies. See what they are really studying, as in, actually READ their textbooks with them, check their lessons and special projects, check the morality they are learning and the morality of those they are learning from. Your children are your greatest treasure. All of their education should pass through the filter of your home first. Actually, their education should pass through the filter of God's Word first then the home! Parents are solely responsible for the education of their children - not some cold institution! If social life is what you are after, if experiences is what YOU desire to prepare your children for life in the real world, then by all means, today's schools are the place for them, but if you really want them to be successful in all areas of life then be the filters for everything they are seeing, hearing and doing. If you don't, regardless of your state in life, your children will be in for grave heartache and you will have given over, to just anyone, the responsibility that God originally gave to you when He gave you your children.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Public Schools are run by American Socialists, making public schools the training ground for the liberal agenda. Will we see another conservative leader of the Educational system here? I doubt it! Too many high school trainees have been loosed on society. It used to be just college where the innocent were made into weirdos, but because that wasn't producing enough Marxist thinkers, the socialist designers backed right down into middle school. Now all of the isms are thriving and methodically taking over all political entities and agencies. Think its bad now? Wait a few more years. For those of you who hope it will get better, brace yourselves! We haven't seen anything yet. Scripture says to train up a child in the way he should go. Unless children are trained in Scripture itself as the basis of all subjects they will not have what it takes to survive and stay above the cultural rot that is upon us. That's just a simple fact that will be true through eternity. Trust your children to government training in any form and you are playing with their very lives. Yes it is that serious. Do your research. Common Core is only the tip of the iceberg. Think the LGBT is not in "your" public school system? If your child's school has an anti-bullying program, then the LGBT is in "your" public school. The indoctrination is very subtle, but is there in all its ugliness. Word to the wise: Don't leave God out of their DAILY training. Make it part of their schoolwork any way you can.