Wednesday, 16 March 2016


This encapsulates the condition of American Education, and since it was penned in 2009, you can multiply the mind-boggling indoctrination by about 7 at this point in time. "Changing standards in education have had a huge effect on American society. Over the last half century, school students have been indoctrinated into a culture of situation ethics - do whatever it takes to satisfy one's desires in any given situation - while being warned against being discriminatory, judgmental, or intolerant. Futhermore, schools took upon themselves the responsibility of "educating the whole child," which in practice meant targeting children's emotions, beliefs, and moral values, instead of merely imparting knowledge. The rights and duties of parents, along with their competency in raising children, were downplayed by "enlightened educators who were supposedly dedicated to the overall good of society. Children's values were to be reshaped and made more politically correct by means of subtle manipulation, using techniques such as cognitive dissonance - the process of creating confusion and discomfort by confronting impressionable minds with two conflicting loyalties or beliefs.(All written into textbooks and teaching standards) For example, students' loyalty to the United States was undermined through a long process of criticizing American heroes and values, culminating with the 1996 National History Standards Project. Instead of emphasizing America's successes and achievements, revised textbooks focused primarily on her sins and failures; also themes such as disarmament, peace studies and the culture of poverty were stressed. If parents think that their students are not getting this indoctrination on a daily basis because of their location they are deluding themselves. Whichever schools use national school textbooks ( and that is all of them), students are getting this garbage ingrained in their minds. J. Esper

Friday, 19 February 2016

Saturday, 6 February 2016

PREPARE! How Big of a Red Flag Do You Need?

We are losing yet another generation. This is the third one. A nation that loses three generations will soon cease to be.