Sunday, 5 July 2015


With the Department of Education putting the rainbow flag behind their logo on their Facebook page in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage it is pretty clear that children will not be getting an unbiased education! Now is the time to flood the homeschooling movement with hundreds of thousands of new students! This will speak louder than anything else to the voices in Washington who have taken away so many of our freedoms. Here is the testimony of an ex-teacher: "As a former Catholic school teacher, I well remember how public school districts hated parents teaching their own children (and all the stereotypical profiles of parents and how it really took a teacher to really teach). The fact that test scores usually exceed pubic schools has been enough to close most of their diatribes. What many might not know is that this attitude also pervaded diocesan schools, as well. This was particularly noticed when parents refused to send their children Catholic schools because they weren't receiving proper Catholic instruction. I only had to quiz my children when they returned from CCD to know this was true. I never had this problem after I revamped the middle school Religion program where I taught, as my 8th grade students always scored above the national norm in religion (as well as my 7th graders - testing at the beginning of their 8th grade year - scoring at the 10 grade level in math and 11th grade level in science). A new principal and Religion was no longer the first concern of the school, though it should always be. Technology rules the day and religion is so passé. With the advent of the bishops’ submission to Common Core (and the collusion between the National Catholic Education Association and the Bill Gates Foundation), the odds are that education across the board will suffer, both at the public and diocesan levels." WRBaker

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Home School Graduate.

Two of my home school graduates called me today with their semester grades. One in her third semester Nursing Program has a 3.98 GPA, the other has a 3.3 her first year in Grad school. Then I see this from a friend on Facebook: "OK Folks I am chuckling today at a thought. Tomorrow I get to watch my poor deprived home educated son graduate with honors from our local junior college. How odd, I mean let's face it, he was taught at home by a high school drop out of a mother who worked full time nights. Oh and he has already received one offer of a scholarship to another college to continue on to his BA and says its not a school he is really interested in at this time so he will wait and see." Multiply these stories by about a million and you see the value of Home Schooling, where students actually learn academics rather than "social" interaction, sports and parties! Congrats to these and the rest of the deprived ones, all those poor, socially inept home school grads!lol

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Rev. Donald Sensing, a Methodist minister from Tennessee, argues that acceptance of same-sex marriage “will not cause the degeneration of the institution of marriage; it is the result of it.” Understand that Rev. Sensing is not happy with the situation as he sees it. “I believe that this state of affairs is contrary to the will of God,” he writes. But he argues persuasively that the public understanding of marriage was doomed when society accepted the Pill, and thereby severed the link between marriage and procreation. Marriage, he observes, had traditionally been recognized and protected by society as the only institution in which sexual intercourse—and, therefore, child-bearing—was sanctioned. ”Society's stake in marriage as an institution is nothing less than the perpetuation of the society itself, a matter of much greater than merely private concern,” Rev. Sensing writes. But once contraception became the norm, and procreation was deemed incidental, the fundamental reason for legal protection of marriage was obscured. Today, marriage is generally understood as a social and legal contract between two people: nothing more. (In fact marriage is the only legal contract that society does not enforce; either partner can break the bond with impunity.) “But what weddings do not do any longer,” Rev. Sensing remarks, “is give to a man and a woman society’s permission to have sex and procreate.” In today’s America, an increasingly large proportion of young people believe that they have permission to have sex whenever they want, with whomever they want. As for procreation, that too is taking place, more and more frequently, outside the bounds of wedlock. But public attitudes could change, as they have changed in the past 50 years, and a change in attitudes could lead to another change in laws. So consider Rev. Sensing’s insight from a different perspective. Imagine that, sometime in the future, our society decides that some permission should be required before couples have sex and procreate. Reflect on that possibility for just a moment, and you realize that, while our society is very unlikely to impose new restrictions on sex, it isn’t nearly so far-fetched to imagine restrictions on the right to have children. A government that is arrogant enough to re-define marriage is surely arrogant enough to require licensing for child-bearing. And if the marital contract means nothing more than what the government says it means, then marriage does not ensure the right to have children. Do you want to live in a society in which the government decides who should have children, and when, and how many? If not, you should worry about the future of marriage law. As Rev. Sensing demonstrates, you should worry not only about what the Supreme Court may do, but about what has already been done. Phil Lawler - Catholicculture.orgwe